Whether you are a pro or a beginner in FIFA Ultimate Team, you should be well equipped with information on how to buy fifacoins and how to trade players.

This will place you at an advantage over other gamers because you know how to get the best deals. With the best deals, you can finally build up that dream squad of yours and experience more on FIFA Ultimate Team.

Benefits of Trading Players on FIFA Ultimate Team

The most important advantage of trading players is that it offers you the opportunity to acquire more coins and enables you to build stronger teams. And of course, it eliminates the stress of waiting till eternity and playing countless numbers of matches before getting enough coins.

The second advantage of trading players is that it allows you to experiment with different players within a short amount of time. If you manage to bag one of the best 5-star skilled players at an affordable price, of course, you would want to play with them for a while before selling them off for profit.

How to Trade Players in Exchange For Profit

Although it is easy to trade players, you must be more deliberate about the process if you want to make profits. The knowledge you have can either make or mare your FIFA account

To avoid careless mistakes, you should ask yourself these questions before you trade.

  1. Do I understand the demand for the player I want to sell?

If your answer to this is no, you should not bother trading.

  1. Is the purchase you want to make in line with the current market value?

If your answer to this is yes, you can trade.

  1. Will the value of the player increase or reduce overtime?

The chances of a player’s value increasing or decreasing over time will determine if you should buy or sell.

  1. Is it best to sell the player on bidding or a buy-out basis?

Be conscious of timing and every other factor that affects the price of players. Adequate knowledge about when and how to sell a player will place you at a better advantage over your counterparts.

Another helpful tip is auctioning for players during off-peak times. This means buying when the competition is reduced. Well, this means that sometimes, you are going to be up through midnight. Prices of players are usually cheap during this time, and you can sell them later during the daytime at an increased price for profit.

Alternatively, you can just chill and keep refreshing the market until someone offers to sell at a cheap price. Sometimes people reduce their selling price because they are in a hurry to cash out.


If you are trading to make profits, do not buy or sell players at the slightest chance you get. This can be very risky. Instead, be patient and observe the market for a while, carry out your research before buying.

Always remember that you get the best deals when competition is reduced. Buy players at night when the competition is less and sell them during the daytime when there is increased competition.


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